01. The Context and Challenge

Idea to launch LawnTasker was born in 2016. It’s founder saw an opportunity for 100% online booking lawn care service in Madison, WI. This was the first such platform in Madison – where you book recurring lawn care services online and pay online for them. It’s always challenging to be first somewhere, we did our best to introduce Madison to LawnTasker.


02. The Process

When your potential customer haven’t seen service like this before, what do you do? You think of all the questions that they may have and have every single one of them answered on your website. You have to convince people that this is more convenient than doing it the way they are used to.

Our approach – Keep it simple, easy to understand and answer all the questions.


We made sure people knew what LawnTasker was about in the first seconds of a visit.



We always use illustrations and images instead of bullet points. Text doesn’t catch an eye, an image does. There is a reason why people sometimes skip all the text and just check pictures.





We knew we had to make the work process crystal clear. We mapped  out everything from initial contact to finished job. People like to know how things work so there are no unpleasant surprises for them.




Think how they think.

Answer all the questions about your services that might pop up in your potential customer’s mind. Things that are straight forward for you might not be the same for your potential customer. What questions do you usually receive from your customers? Include them in the website. What problems do your customers usually have? Answer how you solve them. Try to put yourself in your potential customer’s place and ask yourself – have I answered everything that I would want to know?



Show your previous work as soon as possible!

Everyone likes a good before/after picture or a picture with a beautiful lawn. Make them want their lawn to look as good as the lawns in your pictures. Combining a picture gallery with a testimonial from that client is a best combination. When you can show great quality work with satisfied customers new clients don’t have to take leap of faith, they already know you’re legit! Since this project was completely new they didn’t have any previous work to show.



03. The Result

Here’s the end result of the web design that we created, sadly in the end the project didn’t see the daylight because the owner was presented with another business opportunity which was more attractive to him.


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